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Course Overview

Course Options

This course can be done in:

  • Four 8 hour sessions during the day or
  • Fifteen Week 3 hour sessions  during the Evening.

Course Preview

Class 1
Introduction to terrorism and natural disasters, infrastructure problems,

cyber attacks, flooding, evacuations including the disabled, and the good

Samaritan law.

Class 2
Fire chemistry, High-rise fires, fire prevention, fire suppression, standpipe systems, fire

extinguishers and fighting small fires. Films of fires in high-rises buildings. Plus international emergency response guide.

Class 3 and 4
Medical aspects of disaster including triage, shock, bleeding, airway and circulation problems. The students actively tie bandages and assess the medical injuries. Head to toe assessments & recovery positions.

Class 5 & 6

Acute stress disorder and treating people who are in a panic mode. Techniques like Israel grounding techniques are demonstrated and practical scenarios. This section will be conducted by clinical psychologist.

Class 6. FEMA Incident command system (IS100B), communications, logistics and the structure

of ICS with all emergency response agencies.

Class 7 & 8

Search and rescue techniques belaying & repelling techniques utilizing Nepalese Sherpa’s (Active Mount Everest Guides), hands on extraction techniques animal search and rescue, cribbing and moving the injured people to triage

Class 9, 10 & 11

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Business/Residential Sheltering in place, Terrorism Prevention 101, FEMA workplace security, FEMA work place violence, FEMA Active Shooter Training Course & hands on training, how to deal with a lone shooter, security in a building, and basic self-defense. 

Class 12

Weapons of Mass Destruction, Pandemics, biological and chemical weapons. Use of Personal protective equipment (PPE).

Class 13 

Tabletop chemical agent gas drill.

Class 14 

Search and Rescue drill

Class 15 

Graduation certificate and RMERT ID Card.

All participants must be in excellent health. This class has no affiliation with any

religious group, governmental organization or political party. Thanks for your


New Emergency Response Program Graduates First Class on Hallowed Ground

Training Group International Emergency Response

Active Shooter

 Our Crisis  Survival 101 aka Active Shooter course is one of a kind and unlike any  type of course taught today. In an Active Shooter event, killing and  maiming innocent people happens within the first 10- to 15 minutes, just  about the same time law enforcement gets there and the damage is  already done, Our course teaches people to survive, and is strictly for  CIVILIANS ONLY. 

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Our  corporation not only created RMERT  (Residential Manager Emergency  Response Team), but several other new  concepts that deal what’s  happening in the world, USA and city today.

Crisis Survival 101 aka Active Shooter 101; 102; 103

Terrorism Prevention 101 (TP1)

House of Worship Emergency Response Team (HOWERT)

Hospital Emergency Response Team (HERT)

School Emergency Response Team (SERT)

School Bus Protection 101 (SBP)

About Us

Trainer: MAJ Peter A. Morici

Bio: Pete has been a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) instructor since 1999. In 2002 he was recertified by FEMA  in CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) concept & again in 2010. Since then he instructs for the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness In various Weapons of Mass Destruction courses; Department of Energy courses; Louisiana State University WMD courses, and so forth. He recently retired from the New York City Police Department after 25 years of service as an Evidence Specialist. For thirteen years as the Adjutant to the 88th Brigade New York State Guard. During 9/11 he ran the Logistics Section at Pier 92 for the NYC Office of Emergency Management and again during Hurricane Sandy 2013, and was US Army, Charlie Company Commander at Citi-Field for 39 NYS Army National Guard and State Guard soldiers. For the last 49 years he is the Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Auxiliary Police Command. He was also the Brooklyn Borough CERT Coordinator for NYC Emergency Management. In 2016 he created  a new version of  Disaster Preparedness course strictly for Residential Managers and their staff, that run the high rise buildings. He brings a wealth of experience in the law enforcement, military and emergency management fields.

Trainer: Henry Wisner

Bio:  Personal/Confidential  


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